FDA approves Probuphine, a six-month maintenance treatment

August 19, 2016

A couple months late on this one, but back in July, a new type of buprenorphine treatment received FDA approval. The drug is branded under the name Probuphine and is being marketed as a buprenorphine implant that will last for 6-months, requiring only 2 treatments per year. This is an interesting development because both methadone and oral buprenorphine (Suboxone) maintenance - the two most dominant types of maintenance treatment for opioid addiction - both require that the patient dose daily.

Below was taken from an article about Probuphine on drugrehab.org. The page contains a lot of info and covers the most frequently asked questions. Read more below and check out the rest of the page, as it looks like a good starting resource to learn about this new opiate addiction treatment method.

FDA approves Probuphine, a six-month maintenance treatment
drugrehab.org - July 14, 2016

Death from opioid abuse – including heroin and prescription painkillers – is at an all-time high in the United States. But a new treatment option could be a "game changer" in the fight against opioid addiction, experts say.

Probuphine®, a tiny implant inserted into the arm, delivers a constant low dose of buprenorphine – a medication already used to treat opioid addiction – for six months.

The implant offers advantages over taking a daily pill or sublingual film of buprenorphine. Treatment compliance is far less of a challenge, since patients can't skip, forget or abuse their medication. They also don't have to deal with getting a prescription refilled. Some doctors say the implant is safer and easier to tolerate because it delivers even levels of buprenorphine into the bloodstream. The long-acting implant also reduces the risk of accidental ingestion by a child, and diversion of buprenorphine for illegal resale.

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