Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street (1999)

Length: 75 mins

Filmed from 1995 to 1998 in the Tenderloin, San Francisco, California, the documentary describes the lives of heroin addicts. The film follows a simple structure, and shows the drug-related degradation of five youths during the course of three years.

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Dope Sick Love (2005)

Length: 87 mins

A remarkable documentary made for HBO about two pairs of heroin addicted lovers roaming the streets of NYC. There is no narration and we never see any interviews with the subjects, the camera just follows them around, like a third eye, completely detached.

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High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell (1995)

Legnth: 55 mins

The documentary takes place about 30 miles northwest of Boston in the economically depressed former mill city of Lowell, Massachusetts. The film frames the lives of three addicts against this background; particularly their hopeless situations, while exploring them as human beings.

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The OxyContin Express (2009)

Length: 48 mins

In this episode of Vanguard, correspondent Mariana van Zeller travels to South Florida, the "Colombia of prescription drugs", to expose a bustling pill pipeline that stretches from the beaches of Ft. Lauderdale to the rolling hills of Appalachia. "The OxyContin Express" features intimate access with pill addicts, prisoners and law enforcement as each struggles with a growing national epidemic.

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CBC The Fifth Estate - Time Bomb (2012)
(Season 37 Episode 23)

Length: 46 mins

This episode of The Fifth Estate covers the OxyContin epidemic and how the pill has cost many Canadians a lifetime of addiction. Note: This video is only available to view online by Canadian audiences due to rights issues).

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Other Videos

Safer Heroin Injecting - YouTube (3 mins)

This film is designed to help people to identify ways to reduce potential harms resulting from injecting. The film is aimed at people who inject heroin, but many of the steps shown can be applied to the injection of other drugs. Injecting can never be completely safe and is often very harmful, but taking a few simple steps and practicing good technique can make it a much safer process.

Using Heroin to Treat Heroin Addiction - VideoJug (14 mins)

Michael Jourdan (Centre of Alcohol and Drug Research, Aarhus University, Denmark) talks about the use of heroin in addiction treatment and answers questions related to injection, prescription heroin treatment in Europe, and other topics related to the heroin-assisted treatment.

Methadone Destigmatization - YouTube (7 mins)

What is methadone maintenance treatment (MMT)? Is it a safe treatment? Who are MMT clients and how do they access this treatment? This informative video was funded by the Toronto Harm Reduction Task Force (, Evidence Exchange Network for Mental Health & Addictions (, and the Canadian Harm Reduction Network (

Suboxone Film Cutting Guide Video Tutorial - YouTube (5 mins)

This is an instructional video that will show you how to properly cut your Suboxone 8mg and 2mg films for tapering purposes. This video tutorial is produced by the Rx Film Cutting Guide (

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