Miscellaneous Heroin Images

Boiling heroin, Hamburg, Germany.
Hendrike, 2001

cooking heroin intravenous injection

Various types of heroin and common packaging.
Indiana Prevention Resource Center / Public domain

heroin packaging balloons stamp bags

Basic map of the world's primary opium/heroin producers. Also shows the "Golden Crescent" and "Golden Triangle" regions.
Cerveaugenie, 2008

global heroin production Golden Crescent Golden Triangle

Heroin concealed in hammock ropes for smuggling.
DEA, 2004 / Public domain

smuggled heroin concealed in ropes

Fake lollipops containing concealed heroin.
DEA, 2004 / Public domain

heroin smuggled in lollipops

A woman caught trying to smuggle heroin packages that are tightly taped around her lower legs.
US Customs & Border Protection, 2009 / Public domain

heroin mule caught

Seized heroin pellets. The person who ingests the pellets is commonly called a 'mule.'
US Customs & Border Protection, 2001 / Pubic domain

heroin pellets

Heroin discovered hidden in the soles of a pair of boots, street value ~US$200,000.
US Customs & Border Protection, 2010 / Public domain

heroin smuggled in soles of boots

The heroin discovered inside these hollow books has a street value of over US$1 million.
US Customs & Border Protection, 2009 / Public domain

hollow books for smuggling heroin

Bags of heroin suspended in liquid for the purpose of smuggling.
DEA, 2006 / Public domain

liquid heroin for smuggling

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