Harm Reduction Images

A homemade kit for injecting street drugs, notably opiates. This kit substitutes several items found in a needle exchange kit (e.g. a latex glove in place of a tourniquet).
Anonymous, 2007 / Public domain

homemade iv opioid injection kit

The contents of a needle exchange kit. Clockwise from top: tourniquet, cotton balls, cooker, condom, sterile water, alcohol swabs, needles of different gauges.
Tom Huffman, 2008

needle exchange kit syringe tourniquet cooker alcohol swabs sterile water

Consumption and Injecting Room (CIR) at INDRO, M√ľnster, Germany.
Ralf Gerlach and Wolfgang Schneider, 2007 / Public domain

drug consumption and injecting room at INDRO germany

A home harm reduction kit including clean syringes, alcohol swabs, and sterile water.
JUNKe Life, 2011 / Public domain

home harm reduction kit clean syringes needles

Needle exchange point located at Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin, near Rue du Terrage by SAFE Association.
Coyau, 2012

needle exchange machine France

Vending machine that sells injection kits (sterile syringes, swabs, etc.) for safe injection of intravenous drugs, Zurich, Switzerland.
Mike Knell, 2009

harm reduction vending machine Zurich Switzerland

Diamorphine (heroin) prescription for a patient in a heroin-assisted treatment program, Germany.
Anonymous, 2012 / Public domain

prescription heroin diamorphine heroin-assisted treatment Germany

Injection kit supplied at 'Insite,' currently Canada's only supervised injection site, Vancouver, Canada.
Unknown author, 2011 / Public domain

Insite safe injection kit

Overdose prevention kits that include IV naloxone are being distributed more frequently by needle exchanges and harm reduction centers.
Lucy Chen, 2010 / Public domain

iv naloxone overdose prevention kit

An overdose prevention kit with IV naloxone, provided by Toronto Public Health.
Unknown author, 2012 / Public domain

iv naloxone overdose prevention kit Toronto Public Health

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