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Powder Heroin Images

white and tan powder heroin no 3 no 4
Two types of powder heroin.
DEA Image Library / Public domain
white heroin stamp bag
White powder heroin in a stamp bag.
Psychonaught, 2009 / Public domain
chunky no 3 heroin tan
Several grams of powder heroin compressed into chunks.
Jlcoving, 2009 / Public domain
heroin stamp bag china white
White powder heroin in a stamp bag. The branding on the
outside of the stamp bag is partially visible.

Psychonaught, 2009 / Public domain
heroin seized in Afghanistan
Heroin seized in Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province,
Afghanistan (street value ~$100,000).

SAC Neil Chapman (RAF)/MOD / Open Government Licence v1.0

Updated November 6, 2013