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Opium Den Images

underground opium den San Francisco
Underground opium den in San Francisco, illustration from
'Harper's Weekly', 13th October 1888
Henry F. Farny / Public domain
opium house China
Photograph of two men reclining on couches at an
opium house in China.

Archibald Little, 1902 / Public domain
opium den San Francisco Chinese lodging house
Opium den in a Chinese lodging house in San Francisco, California.
Unknown author, circa 1890 / Public domain
opium den Chinatown Calcutta
Opium den, Chinatown, Calcutta.
Claude Waddell (military photographer), 1945 / Public domain
opium den
Opium den.
Élisée Reclus, before 1905 / Public domain
chinese opium smokers
Chinese opium smokers.
Drawn by Thomas Allom, engraved by G. Paterson, 1858 / Public domain

white women in opium den Chinatown San Francisco
White Women in Opium Den, Chinatown, S. F., California
I.W. Taber, 1892 / Public domain
Chinese opium den Qing Dynasty
Chinese opium den.
Unknown author, late Qing Dynasty / Public domain

opium den Chinatown San Francisco
An opium den, Chinatown, San Francisco, California.
Robert N. Dennis, 1868-1900 / Public domain
opium den France
"A New Vice: Opium Dens in France", cover of Le Petit Journal, 5 July 1903.
Unknown author / Public domain

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