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Black Tar Heroin Images

black tar heroin baloons
Black tar heroin is commonly sold in small balloons.
Su-jin Yim/The Oregonian, 2008
chasing the dragon black tar heroin tinfoil smoking
Materials for smoking black tar heroin: heroin, tinfoil, lighter,
and a tube for inhaling the smoke.

Sebastian Murdock/CU Indepedant, 2011 / Public domain
black tar heroin sand
A type of black tar heroin that resembles a tarry sand.
DEA Image Library / Public domain
black tar heroin ounces
Over 2 pounds of black tar heroin divided into ~1 ounce bags.
Santa Monica Police Department, 2009 / Public domain
seized black tar heroin and cash
~5 oz. black tar heroin, cash, and baggies.
Robstown Police Department, 2012 / Public domain
cooking black tar heroin for iv injection
Cooking black tar heroin for intravenous injection.
Psychonaught, 2010 / Public domain
Updated November 6, 2013